Initial & Recurrent PA46 Flight Training

VisionAir offers insurance-approved initial, recurrent, and mountain flight training for Piper PA-46 Mirage, Malibu, Meridian, and Jet Prop Airplanes.

Initial Flight Training. The transition course is composed of 10 required lessons. The course should take approximately 5 days to complete the required lessons and additional time should be scheduled for an IPC or BFR. As with any flight training, some students take a little more time and some a little less, depending on proficiency. All training is done to FAA standards and includes instruction on normal and emergency procedures as well as proven standard operating procedures. Aeronautical decision making (ADM) and effective risk management will be major emphasis areas, all while maintaining the highest level of safety.

Recurrent Flight Training. Recurrent training is required each year. This training is a great opportunity to routinely practice and polish skills that may have waned since the last training session, and also to ensure that no bad habits have formed. For a proficient pilot, recurrent training is a time to get back to some fun flying, while learning some new skills. At the end of recurrent training, you’ll have a BFR, ICC, and hopefully, will have developed a few more things to add to your library, ultimately making you a better, safer pilot. Recurrent training requires flying IFR, VFR, and emergency procedures as well and is generally completed in 1-2 days.

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