TBM Flight Training

In 1990, the FAA and French DGAC (EASA) certified the world’s first, fully-pressurized, single-engine, turboprop aircraft, the TBM 700. The TBM airframe design incorporated a variety of aluminum and steel alloys, titanium as well as advanced composite materials that come together in an airframe of unmatched structural strength and durability. The TBM 700A has been described as “simple to master, a dream to fly and has superior performance characteristics across the entire flight envelope”.

The TBM has been upgraded over the years, in 2008 with the G1000 all-glass integrated cockpit panel and again in 2012 with the option of the TBM “Elite Interior” that allowed the TBM the flexibility to switch quickly between a 6 seat and a 4 seat plus extended luggage configuration. The “Elite Interior” is now a standard offering on the newest model, the TBM 900. The TBM gives owners and pilots the advantages of typical cruising speeds of light jets, with the economical operating costs of a single-engine turboprop.

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