Aviation Consulting

Whether it is your first aircraft purchase or you are ready to move on to something else — let VisionAir go to work for you.

We specialize in being the aircraft buyer’s broker and we oversee the complete purchase process, including final aircraft selection, pre-buy inspection, and post purchase delivery of any aircraft. VisionAir is proud to work with award-winning dealers to find the perfect aircraft for our clients. We would be privileged to customize a package that makes sense for you and your organization so that you are free to focus on what you need to in life.

When buying an aircraft, how do you decide which aircraft is the best fit for you?

Each individual case is unique, so the insurance requirements to purchase and operate your aircraft will be too. Regardless of whether you plan on flying the aircraft you purchase or if you plan on having the aircraft professionally piloted, VisionAir can provide the solution for you. As a general rule, pilots wishing to own and/or operate any PA46 or TBM aircraft must hold a private pilot certificate and an instrument rating. Pilots must also be instrument current per FAR 61.5, subpart (c). 

Most insurance underwriters will require around a minimum of 500 hours total time and initial training. Mentor hours are generally required as well, however, those hours will vary significantly based on the pilot’s experience. Other factors used in determining insurance rates and mentor hours are aircraft value and complex aircraft time. Turbine time will also be taken into consideration for the Piper Meridian, Jet PROP, and TBM.

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