Aircraft Management

VisionAir has trained technicians to manage your aviation needs, from hangar cleanings to updating your charts. We have several packages to choose from for monthly services, or to provide for the one-time client. So whether you had an extra “buggy” flight and your aircraft needs a good scrub down, or your hangar needs a little TLC, we can help you.

Scroll down to read what is included with each of our aircraft management packages*. These represent our most popular options, but please feel free to contact us so that we can customize a package that fits your needs. Discounts are offered to customers who sign an annual contract.

Package A: Hanger Only

Includes the following completed 1x per month all on the same day:

  • Sweep out entire hanger floor
  • Degrease & Remove Oil Spots
  • Mop entire Floor
  • Clean & Disinfect Bathroom
  • Remove all Trash and replace bags
  • Straighten up
  • Restock all supplies & refreshments to customers specifications
Package B: Hanger & Aircraft Cleaning

Includes all of the items in Package A above plus the following completed 1x per month on the same day:

  • Wash & hand dry entire aircraft
  • Clean all windows with approved cleaner
  • Clean landing gear
  • Clean interior: includes carpet, seats, and high use surfaces
  • Clean instrument panel including screens with approved cleaner
  • Polish Stainless Steel including: nacelles, spinners, exhaust stacks
  • Hand Wax Aircraft (frequency determined by customer)
Package C: Cleaning & Update Management

Includes all of Packages A & B plus the following:

  • Complete all electronic database subscriptions (within 72 hrs from time available)
    • 2 GNS 430 Subscriptions
    • C-Max Electronic Chart Subscription
    • MFD Nav-Data Subscription
  • Complete all Paper Chart subscriptions (within 72 hrs from time available)
  • Troubleshoot and correct any download/upload errors
  • Annual renewal of subscription (customer charged for Jeppesen fee)
Package D: Complete Management

Includes all of Packages A, B & C plus the following:

  • Maintenance scheduling – to accommodate customers trips, etc.
  • Maintenance follow-up & progress reports
  • After service personal ground test or flight test at owners option

Additional Options

  • Fueling and/or Staging
  • Aircraft Maintenance scheduling & follow up
  • Paint Revitalization/ Aircraft Wax
  • Purchase and replenish aircraft / hangar supplies

To request an aircraft/hanger service, or to request additional information about one of the packages above, please contact us. * Individual price evaluations and packages will be provided based on your needs.